Athens' Lane headed to St. John Fisher.

By: Dave Post | Sayre Morning Times | May 1, 2018 | Photo courtesy Dave Post

Athens' Lane headed to St. John Fisher.

ATHENS — It took some time, but after careful consideration, Athens' Ethan Lane has selected St. John Fisher University as his home for the next four years.

While there, Lane is looking to play both soccer and basketball.

And all of that is while working toward a degree in biochemistry as preparation for medical school.

Lane has a lot on his plate, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

"I'm proud to make the decision to go to St. John Fisher," said the Athens senior. "When I was picking out colleges, I was looking at the rigorous academic programs and I knew that St. John Fisher had one. I was hoping just to take those academics to help prepare me for medical school. Secondly, I looked at the college for athletics."

Lane said that the rigorous schedule will help him.

"I think it will help keep me organized and manage the time better."

"It was really tense," said Athens soccer coach Jake Lezak about waiting for Lane to make his call. "He's that way with a lot of things. He's very calculating. He likes to make sure he's seen everything through and he's making great decisions. It's good to see that he weighed everything out and made a great decision for himself."

Lane said that being able to play both sports factored in his decision.

"It (playing sports) helps take my mind off studying a little bit," he said. "It's a stress release factor. It's very exciting. I can't wait to start."

Other colleges he was considering included LeMoyne and Messiah.

Lane said that both academics and athletics made the difference. He felt he could play there and have the research opportunities and take advantage of the summer programs they offer.

Lezak said that what makes Lane special is his unselfish style of play and his work ethic.

"He really is an unselfish player. It's whatever's best for the team," said Lezak. "He knows that he's been a marked man the last coupole of years and it didn't bother him. I remember when he stepped on the varsity field in his freshman year. I said, this kid has ice in his veins. He doesn't get rattled, he doesn't let the emotions get to him. His work ethic shows in the classroom as well, so it's really been a blessing for us to have him."

Lane said he liked what both coaches had to say.

"The soccer coach feels I can be utilized right off the bat," said Lane. "The basketball coach feels like I can slowly move in, which is good."

For Lezak, having a player move on to the college ranks gives his younger players something to shoot for — and a path to make it happen.

"It shows them where they can go, he said. "If that's what they want, that's the kind of work ethic they have to put in. You can't just cruise through and not put that extra effort in. That's what it comes down to. Are you willing to spend the time off the field to get to where you want to be. He's willing to spend the extra time and do those extra little things to help develop his game whether it's soccer or basketball."