NEB boys win sixth straight NTL title.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | October 11, 2017


TOWANDA — Northeast Bradford clinched their sixth straight NTL boys' cross-country title Tuesday in the narrowest of fashions.

NEB's seventh runner Devin Miller (21:37) beat Wyalusing's fourth runner Chris McClelland (21:40) by three seconds to secure a 29-30 victory for the Panthers.

"We've been figuring it out," explained NEB coach Michael Murphy. "At McQuaid, we would have won on a tie-breaker."

With the Rams going 1-2-4, NEB needed the entire pack to run well.

"The sixth and seventh man were critical today," said Murphy. "It's rare that six and seven are so important, but they were super important."

Wyalusing's Alex Patton (19:01) and Kevin Heeman (19:01) were first and second with NEB's Zak Smith (19:11) third.

Ram Logan Newton (19:51) took fourth as he lost contact with the leaders. If the Rams went 1-2-3 they would have automatically won as long as they had five runners cross.

"If he's not there to do that, they could 1-2-3 and it's over," remarked Murphy.

Interestingly enough, the last time NEB didn't win the league title, back in 2011, the Panthers lost it in the last meet to Canton as they tried to go 1-2-3 and couldn't.

Since then, it's been all Panthers on the boys' side of the NTL and they extended that streak one more season.

Northeast took the next three spots with Dale Brown (20:10), Nate Mosier (20:17) and Tyler Devonshire (20:37).

Rounding out the top 10 were Sullivan County's Omar Rubio (20:44) and Jake Doyle (20:44) and NEB's Destin Moore (21:00).

Panther Aaron Boss (20:11) was 11th, Towanda's Eric Lauber (21:21) took 12th then came Miller and McClelland.

Wyalusing's Luke Auer (21:44) rounded out the top 15.

Sullivan's Nathan Higley (21:44) was 16th, Towanda's Zachary Johnson (22:03) was 17th, Wyalusing's Darevin Curlee (22:13) was 18th, NRCS's Noah Hurst (22:24) took 19th and Sullivan's Chris Walsh (22:27) was 20th.

NEB also beat Towanda (15-45) and Sullivan County (17-45) while Wyalusing defeated Towanda (17-44) and Sullivan (19-39).

Sullivan topped Towanda (20-37).

On the girls' side, Wyalusing defeated NEB 26-30 and Towanda 17-42 while the Panthers topped Towanda 18-41. All three teams beat Sullivan 15-50.

Wyalusing's Hannah Corson (22:34) won followed by NEB's Karli Moyer (24:31). Wyalusing's Catherine Brown (25:21), NEB's Megan Allabaugh (25:35) and Wyalusing's Carina Beebe (26:16) rounded out the top five.

Towanda's Cheyenne Brown (26:39) was sixth with NEB's Ella Brown (26:56) and Lauryn Jones (27:20) seventh and eighth. Wyalusing's Ashlee Newton (29:06) and Sullivan's Macrina Pochatka (29:22) rounded out the top 10.

Wyalusing's Sierra Allen (30:10) and Rachael Jensen (30:19) were 11th and 12th with NEB's Paige Howell (30:26) and Towanda's Bekki Kerin (32:26) and Emily Carr (32:28) rounding out the top 15.

In junior high girls' action, NEB topped Towanda 15-43. The two teams then defeated Sullivan and Wyalusing 15-50.

NEB's Emma Moyer (11:51) won the race while on the boys' side PantherJack Shumway (11:17) won.

GIRLS: Troy 23, Canton 37; Troy 18, Athens 45; Troy 15, Sayre 49; Canton 26, Athens 30; Canton 21, Sayre 37; Athens 21, Sayre 39

BOYS: Troy 23, Canton 35; Troy 18, Athens 45; Troy 15, Sayre 50; Canton 22, Athens 36; Canton 15, Sayre 50; Athens 15, Sayre 50

The Lady Trojans clinched the 2017 NTL cross-country title Tuesday.

Canton's Tamara Hess (21:27) won the race on her home course while Troy's Brooke Hinman (21:44) and McKenzie Bellinger (21:51) were second and third.

Canton's Josie Kelley (22:00) and Athens' Emily Arnold (22:07) rounded out the top five.

Troy took the next four spots with Courtney Case (22:08), Madisyn Baxter (22:52), Abby Lewis (23:09) and Madelyn DeLosa (23:25) while Sayre's Kayla Hughey (23:36) rounded out the top 10.

Troy's Brooke Loveland (23:52) was 11th followed by Athens' Caitlyn Powell (23:53) and Sophie Adams (23:54).

Rounding the top 15 were Troy's Hailey Buck (23:57) and Sayre's Carrie Claypool (24:21).

Troy went 1-2 in the boys' race with Owen Williams (17:52) and Kale Weidner (18:28).

Canton's Mak Gleckner (18:28) was third, Athens' T.J. Toscano (18:31) took fourth and Sayre's Joshua McClelland (19:05) rounded out the top five.

Canton's Connor Hess (19:18) was sixth, Troy's Robert Rogers (19:18) was seventh, Canton's Josiah Gleckner (19:27) took eighth and Troy's Aaron Manley (19:27) and Jacob Brown (19:34) we're ninth and 10th.

Trojan Connor Simpson (19:34) was 11th with Canton's Joel Schoonover (19:45) took 12th. Trojan Zane Longwell (19:50) was 13th with Athens' Sean Waltman (20:03) and Tivon Liguori (20:05) rounding out the top 15.

Sayre's Rozlyn Haney (10:11) won the girls' junior high race while Troy (26-29) defeated Athens.

On the boys' side Troy's Jackson Simpson (9:02) won as the Trojans topped Athens 22-34.

GIRLS: NP-Mansfield 21, CV 36; Wellsboro 25, CV 33; NP-Mansfield 20, Wellsboro 36

BOYS: CV 22, NP-Mansfield 28; CV 27, Wellsboro 28; Wellsboro 24, NP-Mansfield 32

CV's Jules Jones (21:49) won the girls' race with NP-Mansfield's Lauran Ensminger (23:30) in second.

Wellsboro's Anna Bleggi (23:52) took third followed by three Tigers: Emma Harris (24:09), Carmen Bates (25:25) and Shelby Alexander (25:33).

Wellsboro's Kylie Butler (25:36) was seventh, CV's Lilli Hepfer (25:57) took eighth, NP-Mansfield's Courtney Weiskopff (26:05) was ninth and Wellsboro's Kara Doane (26:16) was 10th.

On the boys' side, CV's Madden Doud (18:27) edged out Wellsboro's Aidan Perry (18:34) for the win.

NP-Mansfield's Blake Nelson (18:55) was third followed by Wellsboro's Connor Brought (19:10) and George Reynolds (19:18).

Wellsboro's Bergen Weiner (19:54) was sixth with CV's Chris Harris (19:54) and Seth Neal (20:3) in seventh and eighth.

Wellsboro's Zack Bush (20:38) was ninth and NP-Mansfield's Jacob Green (20:45) took 10th.

NP-Mansfield's Samuel Shedden (20:51) and Roger Learn (21:10) were 11th and 12th, CV's Andrew Gatewood (21:31) took 12th, NP-Mansfield's Seth Nelson (21:35) was 14th and his teammate Daniel Giantisco (22:02) was 15th.

In the junior high boys' race, NP-Mansfield's Noah Shedden won in 10:08 and on the girls' side NP-Mansfield's Sarah Richard (10:33) won.