Two local girls earn all-state honors.

By: Brian Fees | Towanda Daily Review | April 16, 2017


One is wrapping up her high school career, while the others is just getting started.

On Saturday a freshman and a senior girl earned all-state honors.

Troy's Morgan Gentile earned second team honors in Class AAA after a season in which she scored 23.8 points a game to lead the region in scoring. Sullivan County's Sarah Parrish was a defensive force, and added 11.4 points a game, and she was a third-team pick in Class A.

Gentile was the only freshman to earn AAA honors, and one of only four freshmen to earn all-state girls' basketball honors.

"It's exciting to know, especially as a freshman, it kind of boosts my confidence," Gentile said of the honor.

While she may have surprised some by how quickly she emerged her freshman year, Gentile knows there was a lot of work that went into this.

"I know I worked hard and everything for it," she said. "It was a little shocking to me, at the same time, I feel like I deserved it. It boosts my confidence. Especially if I can achieve these things now, if I keep working at it, I can accomplish anything I put my mind to."

Gentile is the first Troy girl in over 20 years to earn all-state honors, and she knows that she has room to just keep getting better.

"It feels amazing to know how well I did this year," Gentile said. "Just from playing on older AAU teams, because I'd play on my sisters teams, it helped me know I could go into high school playing against older girls."

And, Gentile knew there were a lot of expectations on her this year, and she was happy to reach many of them. While she expected a lot this year, she didn't expect this.

"I feel like as they keep expecting things from me, I can keep going," Gentile said. "He (coach Brian Burchard) can expect a lot more from me as the years go on. My coaches keep pushing me to do those things and I'll work to do them.

"I didn't think I'd do this. I did believe I could be a good player in the league, I didn't imagine how many points and all the things I accomplished. They just kind of motivated me to how good I can be if I keep working at it and keep doing the little things to get better."

Gentile knows that honors like this will help her get more looks from colleges as she gets older.

"If I'm getting these things now, as they kind of build up I'll get more colleges to look at me," she said. "I definitely have to keep working hard."

After earning all-state honors, Gentile knows there will be a target on her back, and she's working to be ready for it.

"I'll probably get pressed a lot, double teams," she said. "That's what I'm working at this summer, I work against that and try and get better. That's why my dad put me on a really amazing travel AAU basketball team. It's to definitely help me get a lot better. Right now we are in there four nights a week, just getting better, working. When we get into games, I know what to do, I know how to play against it. I am playing with a lot of girls around the area. A lot of very good girls around the area and they are making me a better player."

Gentile hopes that seeing her get an honor like this will motivate some of the other young girls at Troy to work harder.

"I try and support the younger girls," Gentile said. "I try and get as many of them committed to basketball. It's not going to just come to you, because that's what I think a lot of younger kids think, they think I just suddenly got good. I try and tell the kids you have to put in the work. If they do those things, those younger kids coming up, we have so many good, young athletes, they can make us a really good team if they put in the work."

Parrish and the Griffins met Lourdes in the District 4 final this year, and Lourdes' Carmella Bickel earned first-team all-state honors in Class A, while St. John Neumann's Shayna McNamee earned third-team honors.

Mt. Carmel's Nicole Varano earned third-team honors in Class AAA and in AAAA Montoursville's Lexi Marchioni earned third-team honors.


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