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Contact Information

Patti Cross
Sullivan County School District
777 South Street, PO Box 240
Cell: (570) 490-2281
Fax: (570) 946-8210

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District IV Field Hockey

"AA" Teams

  • Selinsgrove
  • Shikellamy

"A" Teams

  • Benton
  • Bloomsburg
  • Central Columbia
  • Danville
  • East Juniata
  • Lewisburg
  • Line Mountain
  • Midd-West
  • Mifflinburg
  • Millville
  • Milton
  • Muncy
  • Southern Columbia
  • Warrior Run

2020-2021 Regular Season Schedule

  1. Varsity games may be played prior to the JV game if a JV game is scheduled.
  2. Substitutions must be made according to the National Federation Rule Book.
  3. The spectator/fan area should be on the opposite side of the team bench area where possible.
  4. Duration of the game shall be a maximum of sixty (60) minutes played in four 15-minute quarters. There will be no timeouts, because there will be a break after each quarter.
  5. All regular season games ending in a tie will be subject to the following Overtime Procedures:
    1. Prior to the overtime period there shall be a 5-minute intermission.
    2. The home team captain calls the coin toss and the winner chooses choice of goal or to take possession of the ball.
    3. Teams will be limited to 6 (six) field players and a goalkeeper.
    4. If a player was disqualified (red card) during the regulation game, that team must play short throughout the overtime. If a player was suspended (yellow card) the team shall play short until the suspension time is completed.
    5. Only four players, three defenders and a goalie will be allowed behind the end line on a penalty corner.
    6. The overtime will be 15 minutes "SUDDEN VICTORY".
    7. Regular season games tied after the 15 minute overtime period are recorded as a tie.
    8. There will be no team time-outs, even if a team has unused time outs.
    9. There will be unlimited substitutions.
    10. A player who received a red card in regulation play may not play in overtime.
    11. If a player receives a red card in overtime, the team will play short.
    12. If a player receives a yellow card in overtime, the team will play short until the 5 minutes expire.
  6. Misconduct by coaches or team personnel will be addressed by game officials according to their severity or the number of occurrences in a game. The penalty may vary from a warning (given and recorded) to awarding a penalty stroke, removing the coach from the field, or forfeiting the game.
  7. Only PIAA Field Hockey officials may officiate.

District IV Playoff Games

District Preliminaries, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals

Game Sites

Preliminaries will be played on the home field of the team with the best record.

Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals site will be at Central Columbia or Selinsgrove High School Field Hockey Fields. The facilities manager (schools AD or PIAA designee) and a District IV game manager will run the contest(s).

District IV chair will assign all competitions and notify teams.

Criteria used to determine sites are:

  • Maximum playing dimensions
  • Quality of the playing surface
  • Neutral Site
  • Provision to charge admission
  1. Only official PIAA varsity games will be considered for your record. An official game is one with a PIAA contract (or league scheduled), and officials.
  2. The district playoff games shall be conducted in accordance with the PIAA rules and regulations governing interscholastic sports competition. The National Federation Field Hockey Rules are the official PIAA rules.
  3. Teams that enter the playoffs agree to all the regulations established by the district field hockey committee. In addition, an administrator from each participating school must be present for each of their respective games.
  4. The district committee will determine the game site; assign officials, and a game manager for each game of the quarterfinals, semi-finals, and final games.
  5. The district playoffs will be open to the "A" and "AA" 1st and 2nd place teams in the league.
  6. District IV teams that played 10 or more games with a winning percentage of 50% or more are eligible for the playoffs.


Teams will be seeded by the District IV Field Hockey Committee based on winning percentage.

  1. Highest percentage of points earned under the qualifying point system.
  2. If a tie occurs, and teams played each other, head to head competition will be used.
  3. If a tie still occurs, the team with the best TWWP will be used.
  4. If there are teams that did not qualify for playoffs according to the power rating calculation but have a record of .500 or higher they will be used to fill the bracket.

Schools that anticipate participating in the 2020 Field Hockey playoffs should complete the attached form. Notification must be faxed by 12:00 (Noon) Friday October 16, 2020 Fax # 570-946-8210 of a school's intention to compete in the district competition. The following information must be sent to the District IV Field Hockey Chairman: eligibility list of players and the enclosed record sheet for each team. Please make every attempt to have your games completed by October 24. If necessary, scores of games that must be played on October 23, are to be called in to Patti Cross by noon on October 24. Home phone number is 570-490-2281, school 570-946-8200.

Calls on October 24 should be directed to the cell phone only.

Procedures Prior to Contest

When brackets are formed:

  1. The top team in each bracket is the home team and wears light/white uniforms. The visiting team is responsible for having uniforms of a contrasting color with the home team.
  2. Game manager assigns benches.
  3. Each team furnishes (2) game hockey balls of each color.
  4. No balloons, portable sound systems, noise makers or signs.
  5. Teams may take the field 40 minutes prior to game time. At 10 minutes prior to game time, there will be a captains' meeting with the officials and teams must leave the field at that time. After the captains' meeting, player introductions will occur (teams should provide a list of the starting line-ups to the announcer), followed by the National Anthem.

Each school shall provide the following:

  1. Two game hockey balls of each color
  2. One horn and time clock
  3. Two ball chasers
  4. One scorer

NOTE: Teams playing in the finals must bring along to the game a list of the 25 medal recipients which will be announced at the conclusion of the game.


  1. Admission prices are $4.00 for the students and $6.00 for adults for all games. School passes will not be accepted, only District IV passes.
  2. Each school may issue fifteen (15) complimentary tickets for use by school officials. These tickets should be dated for the designated game only.
  3. Contestants, managers, coaches and cheerleaders in uniform will be admitted when identified by school officials.

Playoff Dates

  1. Preliminaries will be played on the home field of the team with the best record
  2. Quarterfinals will be played at Central Columbia and Selinsgrove fields
  3. District IV chair will assign all competitions and notify teams
  4. "A" will play 2-2 first round of State competition
  5. "AA" must play a push-in game with a team from District II to qualify
  6. Winners will go on to play in first round of State playoffs starting in November