The 2020 District IV Golf Tournament will be played at the Eagles Mere Country Club.

Contact Information

Dennis Peachey
1 High School Drive
Towanda, PA 18848
Fax: (570) 268-2069

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Tournament Schedule

October 1 – Individual AND Team Championships (12:00 p.m.) - Eagles Mere Country Club
October 2 - Individual AND Team Championships (12:00 p.m.) Rain Date - Eagles Mere Country Club
TBD – Team Sub regional with District II
October 12 – Regional Individual Championships (8:30 a.m.) - Golden Oakes Golf Club
October 19-20 – PIAA Individual/Team Championships (8:30 a.m.) - Heritage Hills Golf Resort
October 26 - Team Championships (8:30 a.m.) - Heritage Hills Golf Resort


  • There will NOT be a District IV Qualifying Tournament at White Deer for the 2020 season.
  • Individual place winners and qualifiers will be determined by a SINGLE ROUND (18) of golf for the 2020 season.
  • All participants and coaches must adhere to the safety protocols and guidelines established by Eagles Mere Country Club.
  • All schools should screen participants/coaches for illness prior to departing for the tournament. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or greater should not attend the tournament.
  • Schools must adhere to local course competition rules in relation to COVID-19 accommodations.
  • Social Distancing of at least 6 feet should be maintained at all times. No hugging, shaking hands, or fist bumps for support/encouragement.
  • Limited use of the golf shop and retail operations to maintain social distancing guidelines.
  • Tees, pencils, ball markers, sharpies, etc will not be available. Players must bring their own equipment and food/beverages as needed.


Note: AAA female golfers will automatically compete in a sub-regional tournament with District II, qualifying them for the Eastern Individual Tournament. The sub regional will be held on Monday, October 5, 2020 at Elkview Country Club (Crystal Lake, Greenfield Twp.), with a rain date of Tuesday, October 6, 2020. All players will report to their assigned hole by 9:45 a.m. Cost for the tournament is $33 per entrant. Checks should be payable to District II. All checks should be sent directly to Mr. Joseph Farrell at the Carbondale Area High School. No checks will be accepted the day of the tournament.

To qualify individually, male players must have an average score of 44 or better (for those playing predominately 9-holematches) or 88.00 or better (those playing predominately 18-hole matches). Female golfers must average 50 or better (for those playing predominately 9-hole matches) or 100.00 or better (for those playing predominately 18-hole matches).

Golfers MAY drop their highest scores based on their total number of holes played as follows:

Total Holes Played Eligible scores to drop
90 or More Any combination of 18 and 9 hole match scores totaling 45 holes
81 Any combination of 18 and 9 hole match scores totaling 36 holes
72 Any combination of 18 or 9 hole match scores totaling 27 holes
63 One 18 hole score or Two 9 hole match scores totaling 18 holes
54 One 9 match hole score

Schools with a golf team may enter as many players individually as qualify by these criteria; at-large entries from schools that do not sponsor a golf team may likewise enter as many players as qualify by these criteria.

Names and average scores for the 2020 season should be submitted on the enclosed entry form. Pairings will be made using these average scores.


Each eligible school with a golf team is invited to enter up to five (5) male golfers and up to five (5) female golfers in the team championship. Remember that beginning with the 2017 season, girls teams may now play and score three golfers. Teams also have the option of entering up to five golfers, but only three will count towards their total score. In order to be eligible for the District IV Team Championship a school must have a winning percentage of 50% or better.

The enclosed entry form should list the results of each match your team participates in during the season (prior to the deadline for entry). If your team competes against several other teams during a match, you may summarize the results for the competition as shown, rather than list each individual team involved. (See the team entry form for an example.)

Teams competing in the Team Championship will play five and record four scores. The team champions in each class will be the qualifying team with the lowest aggregate score. (Teams with four or more participating players that do not qualify for the Team Championship by the 50% winning percentage criterion will not be eligible for the Team Championship regardless of total score.)

Teams with winning percentages of 50% or greater are reminded that you may enter golfers in the Team Championship who do not meet the qualifying criteria for the individual championship.

There will be a Class AA male and female team champion, as well as a Class AAA male team champion, provided there are teams that meet the entry criterion in each class. The team champions in each class will compete with District II in a PIAA Sub-Region Tournament at a location, date, and time TBD. The winners of the Sub-Region Tournament will advance to the state team championships.

Boys District champion teams must have a team score of 400 or lower to advance to the Sub-Regional Tournament. Girls District champion teams must have a team score of 300 or lower to advance to the Sub-Regional Tournament.


The District IV Golf Tournament will be conducted in accordance with the PIAA rules and regulations. The following rules and regulations are in addition to the established PIAA rules.

  1. The TOURNAMENT will start promptly each day. Coaches should report to the registration area at least one hour before the start time each day. A coaches' meeting will be held at 11:15 a.m. on October 1, 2020. This meeting is mandatory for all coaches. Each coach will be assigned a foursome, and will be responsible for keeping score for all players in their assigned group. Further details of coaches' responsibilities will be covered in the mandatory meeting. Thursday play begins with a shotgun start; Saturday play will begin with tee times. First round scores will be used to determine the men's and women's team championship, as well as individual male and female qualifiers for the second round of the tournament. Meetings will be held with coaches and players prior to the start of the tournament on each day of competition.
  2. Medals will be awarded to the six (6) lowest male two-round scores (white tees) in Class AA as well as the lowest two (2) two-round scores in Class AAA. Medals will be awarded to the three (3) lowest female two-round scores (red tees) in Class AA as well as the lowest (1) female two-round score (red tees) in Class AAA. The lowest team total, based on the best four aggregate scores from the first round of 18 holes for qualifying male (white tees) and the best three aggregate scores from the first round of 18 holes female (red tees) teams will be awarded the 2019 Team Champion Trophy in Class AA (boys and girls) and Class AAA (boys and girls). If two or more teams tie, the team champion will be determined by a sudden-death playoff, if possible. (Top four scorers only; four-person totals per hole will be tallied until there is a winner.) If inclement weather does not allow for a sudden-death playoff, ties will be broken by match of cards using total (four-person) back nine scores, then back six, back three, back two, and last hole (#18) totals.
  3. If individuals are tied after the second day, the champion or last regional qualifier will be determined by a sudden death playoff, if possible. If inclement weather does not allow for a sudden death playoff, ties will be broken by match of cards using back nine scores, then back six, back three, back two, and last hole (#18). All other individual ties for placement (medal winners) will be determined by the same match of cards procedure. The six (6) male Class AA medal-winners, the two (2) male Class AAA medal-winners, the three (3) female Class AA medal-winners, and the one (1) female Class AAA medal-winner will advance to the PIAA East Region Qualifying Tournament on Monday, October 12, 2020 at the Golden Oaks Golf Club (Fleetwood, PA) starting at 8:30 AM.
  4. District IV will determine its representatives for regional play by October 5, 2020. Therefore, if weather conditions result in only one round of play, please understand that the boys and girls qualifiers, along with team qualifiers will be determined by this single round of play.
  5. In case of light rain and no lightning, the tournament will proceed. The decision will be made at the course on the day(s) played. Do not assume postponements.
  6. A Committee of OFFICIALS appointed by the District IV Chairman will rule on all disputes. The HOST course will provide a list of all local rules.
  7. TIE SCORES, both team and individual, will be decided by sudden death starting on the first (#1) hole, weather permitting.
  8. NO STUDENT-ATHLETES are permitted in the bar area.
  9. Standard golf etiquette is stressed for all participants -- replace divots, rake footprints in sand traps, and repair ball marks on putting surfaces.
  10. Proper golf attire is to be worn: Shirts should have collars or be a suitable sports "performance" tee; no jeans; no denim or cut-off shorts; no tank tops; no visible undergarments; no backwards hats; no metal-spiked or hard-soled shoes.
  11. Preferred lies or summer rules decisions will be determined by the Eagles Mere Country Club personnel.
  12. Coaches are not permitted to follow players.
  14. Point of Clarification: There have been a few inquiries as to whether or not a female golfer could participate in both the girls' and boys' tournament. According to the PIAA office, "A girl may participate in the girls' district qualifier because that is how she will be competing if she advances to the regional tournament. She is also eligible to compete in the boys' team championships if she has competed with the boys' team all season. However, she must take her score from the girls' district qualifier to advance to the regional tournament. She may not use her score from the boys' team tournament."
  15. Use of Range Finders/GPS is permitted. During regular-season and post-season golf contests, players are authorized to use devices that measure or gauge distances only (range finders or GPS). If a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect a player's play (e.g., gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of USGA Rule 14-3. The penalty for this infraction is disqualification from the tournament, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used. Please note: Since the use of cell phones on the course during play is prohibited, Range Finder or GPS apps on a cellphone that might otherwise conform to the rules is also prohibited. Show your Range Finder/GPS to the starter or a District IV Committee member before you begin play!


Conduct of Players

A two-stroke penalty shall be assessed for conduct unbecoming an interscholastic golfer. Such conduct shall include, but not be limited to: Club throwing (defined as releasing a club in anger or in a manner to cause harm to any person or to a golf course), use of abusive or profane language, willful acts which damage property or equipment or a golf course, or other unbecoming conduct as determined by the Tournament Director or Rules Committee.

Non-motorized Push or Pull carts permitted.

Beginning with the 2015 Golf Season, the PIAA Board of Directors accepted the recommendation of the Golf Steering Committee, to permit the use of non-motorized push or pull carts where the host facility permits. Golfers are welcome to bring their own push/pull carts to the district tournament. A limited number of carts are available for rent at Eagles Mere Country Club on a first come first serve basis. As in previous years, if a player wishes to carry his/her bag, that is also permissible.

Spectator and Coach Decorum

Parents, spectators, and the media who choose to walk the course, may do so under the following restrictions:

  • DO NOT offer comments or make suggestions to the golfers. NO COACHING! This is not a stand-alone post-season team competition.
  • DO NOT observe play from closer than twenty-five (25) yards BEHIND the group of competitors being observed.
  • DO NOT cross over or observe play from teeing areas, fairways, or putting greens. Play may be observed from cart paths or the "rough" only.
  • DO NOT move or talk when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
  • DO NOT attempt to decide questions of fact, or attempt to apply the Rules of Golf.
  • DO NOT move or attempt to identify a competitor's ball anywhere on the course (including out of bounds or in a hazard) – it is permissible to help find a potential lost ball if asked, but it is the competitor's job to identify.


All golf contestants are required to wear appropriate attire. Please refer to Rules and Regulations #10. No exceptions are permitted. Additionally, advertisements are limited to a 1 ½” x 1 ½” square manufacturer’s logo/trade name on the golf shirt. School name/logos are permitted on the front and/or back of the golf shirt. Non-school sweaters and/or jackets will be permitted only when necessitated by weather conditions.

School-issued caps and caps with no logos or markings are permitted. College or other logos, and caps with tape over the logo will not be permitted.

Eagles Mere Country Club Course Rules

The rules will be provided by the Eagles Mere Country Club and will be reviewed prior to tee off at the coaches meeting on both Thursday and Saturday.


Please complete the enclosed entry forms. Be sure to list individual averages/District IV Qualifying Tournament scores, and/or to indicate the five players who will be competing in the team tournament. Also enclose an ELIGIBILITY SHEET with the entry forms. This year there will be no entry fee. Lunch will not be provided and arrangements at local restaurants can be made, if necessary.

SEND ENTRY FORMS and ELIGIBILITY SHEETS no later than Friday, September 25, 2020.